Conversion Therapy

At their 2015 Spring Conference, Liberal Democrats overwhelmingly voted to oppose conversion therapy for all LGBT+ people. Health industry bodies have committed to opposing conversion therapy based on sexual orientation, but disappointingly have left out gender identity. 

Trans people as a group suffer horrendous rates of attempted suicide. Studies show that the risk of suicidality for trans people is highest when they have come out and are trying to gain medical help with transition, when that help is denied to them. The evidence says that so-called "conversion therapy" does not help alleviate gender dysphoria. 

It just tries to drive people back into the closet. Subjecting trans people to conversion therapy at the point where they are most vulnerable not only makes them psychologically miserable; it also presents a serious risk to life. Liberal Democrats believe it is vital that health industry efforts against the dangerous and discredited practice of conversion therapy should focus on the needs of the whole LGBT+ community, not just a part of it.