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Being Gay Is Genetic!

June 21, 2005 12:00 AM

According to a duo of London based researchers, being gay has nothing to do with outside influence or your family environment - it is all determined by your genes. Born Gay: The Psychobiology of Sexual Orientation is a new book which reviews research from the last 15 years and the evidence, the authors conclude, is that people are born with their sexuality defined.

It is not the result of their relationships with other people in their early life.

Qazi Rahman, a psychobiologist at the University of East London, wrote the book with Glenn Wilson, a personality specialist from the University of London.

In 1990, psychobiologist Simon LeVay published research that revealed differences in small parts of the brain between gay and straight men. Three years later, further research argued that there were chromosomal differences. Since then there has been an "absolute explosion" in research into the area, Rahman said, but his is the first attempt to analyze it together.

"There's the classical gay man with a smothering mother and distant father idea, which comes from Freud's oedipal complex theories," Rahman told

"For most of us scientific psychologists, Freud's theory is like astrology to a physicist. In other words, it's rubbish. Gay and straight men don't differ in their relationships with their parents."

Rahman said his findings offer no evidence that people could "learn" to be gay - for example, children of gay parents are no more likely to be gay than their peers.

Rahman and Wilson said they examined evidence from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, genetics, endocrinology and evolutionary biology, and concluded that sexual orientation is determined by a combination of genetics and hormonal activity in the womb.

The book can be purchased online at