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Join the Liberal Democrats to help shape a more liberal, tolerant, inclusive society - and join LGBT+ Lib Dems to help us make sure our party remains at the forefront of LGBT+ equality and liberation.

Latest News

  • Jo Swinson
    Article: Apr 3, 2019

    Jo Swinson, Deputy Leader and Foreign Affairs spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats, has today condemned new anti-LGBT laws in Brunei and warned the UK Government must no longer "cosy up to the Brunei regime."

    The new laws, that will come into force on Wednesday, also cover a range of crimes from making sex between men punishable by stoning to death, to punishment for theft by amputation.

  • Sir Ed Davey MP
    Article: Mar 27, 2019

    The House of Commons has today voted to update sex education in schools to Relationships & Sex Education, with more age-appropriate education about issues like gender, sexuality and consent.

    The bill passed third reading by an overwhelming majority - 538 votes to 21.

    Ed Davey MP, Liberal Democrat MP for Kingston & Surbiton, celebrated the news on twitter writing:

  • manchester pride 2017
    Article: Mar 20, 2019

    Calling Lib Dem local parties nationwide!

    Have you got a Pride in your area? Do you and your local party want to have a presence at it? Looking for additional materials?

    Pop over to our online ordering form now and get your Pride pack ordered in plenty of time.

  • Article: Mar 1, 2019
    By Jennie Rigg

    We, along with other parties' LGBT+ groups, have signed the following joint statement with the Terrence Higgins Trust:

    "We believe the number of places on the PrEP Impact Trial should be doubled in London and across the country as a matter of urgency. With every delay, more and more people are needlessly contracting HIV. We are calling on all councils who are part of the PrEP Impact Trial in England to accept the extra trial places and make them available to those who need them. We will not end new HIV transmissions in England without access to PrEP. Action is urgently needed to make this a reality."

  • Sir Vince Cable at a #peoplesvote march in 2017 (Photograph: Niklas Hallen/AFP/Getty Images)
    Article: Feb 1, 2019

    Vince Cable MP, leader of the Liberal Democrats, welcomed this year's LGBT History Month which begins today.

    "I'm delighted to once again support LGBT History Month which is an important celebration of identity, freedom and equality. Each year this month gives us reason to celebrate the progress made in the ongoing battle for equality.

  • Ed Davey
    Article: Jan 31, 2019

    The Liberal Democrats have welcomed today's guidance from the Crown Prosecution Service that imagery of consenting adults, for an adult audience, engaging in legal acts will no longer be prosecuted under the Obscene Publications Act.

    Ed Davey MP, the Lib Dem Home Affairs spokesperson, said "At last a victory for free speech and privacy with someone in Government exercising some common sense. Liberal Democrats should be proud that we argued and campaigned for this freedom, in the face of an out-of-date law and illiberal attitudes."

  • Article: Dec 1, 2018

    Liberal Democrat party leader Vince Cable MP has made a short video message for World AIDS Day. Here it is:

  • Article: Oct 16, 2018

    This page might be relevant to you if you, your organization, or someone connected with you has said something in support of trans (aka "transgender") people, and suddenly:

    • Lots of angry people are contacting you (by email, social media, etc).
    • They are pushing the following viewpoints:
      • Respecting trans people's rights somehow damages women's rights
      • Trans women are not women
      • Trans women are dangerous to cis (i.e. not trans) women
  • Jennie Rigg
    Article: Oct 2, 2018

    Jennie Rigg, the chair of LGBT+ Lib Dems, has responded to the announcement that the Government will legislate to allow mixed-sex Civil Partnerships after losing a case in the Supreme Court in June:

    "Civil partnerships for all couples was the intent of the original Civil Partnerships legislation in 2002 by Lib Dem Lord Lester. Sadly the Government of the day chose instead to deliver a 'separate and unequal' two-tier solution. When we became the first major party to call for same-sex marriage, we also supported bringing Civil Partnerships to couples regardless of gender. We're proud to have delivered same-sex marriage in Government, and happy to see this further step for equality 16 years after we first tried to introduce it.

  • Bi Visibility Day 2018 - Northwest Liberal Democrats
    Article: Sep 24, 2018

    Yesterday was Bi Visibility Day. Our Chair, Jennie, wrote a piece for Liberal Democrat Voice, reproduced here:

    Today we are marking the twentieth annual Bi Visibility day, which aims to raise the profile and visibility of bisexual people within our society - a society which so often overlooks them. Whilst great progress has been made in advancing rights and acceptance for gay and lesbian people (although of course, there is more to be done), bisexual people often suffer from assumptions based on the gender of their current (or last) partner and the prejudices of their peers. Media portrayals can trivialise their experiences, treat them as curiosities, or suggest that their sexual appetites are greedy and promiscuous. In such a climate, young bisexuals can feel pressured to "pick a side" and this is part of the reason why bi people suffer from far worse rates of mental illness than either gay or straight people. On top of this, the needs of bisexuals are often overlooked in the provision of health and social services.

Welcome to the website of LGBT+ Lib Dems. We are the Liberal Democrats' party organisation committed to promoting the policies of sexual and gender minorities - including gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people - and to ensuring that the party's policies address their needs.

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