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Join the Liberal Democrats to help shape a more liberal, tolerant, inclusive society - and join LGBT+ Lib Dems to help us make sure our party remains at the forefront of LGBT+ equality and liberation.

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  • Event: May 26, 2022 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    Meet virtually with LGBT+ Councillors and candidates from across the country to share your ideas, thoughts and experiences.
    Please register here.
  • Article: Apr 1, 2022

    Yesterday was Trans Day of Visibility. It's a day for celebrating trans and non-binary people in all walks of life and making clear our commitment to delivering justice for all Trans people. As Mermaids said in one of their posts on the day: ally is a verb. We need to step up.

    Sadly, the day was brought to a close by something that likely won't come as a surprise to members of Plus: a Government betrayal over LGBT+ rights. After more than a thousand days of dither and delay on the conversion therapy ban, it emerged that the Government had planned to drop the ban later this year. Our equalities Parliamentary Spokesperson, Wera Hobhouse, condemned this as "not just another U-turn from the Tories, but giving the green light to a form of torture".

  • LGBT+ Lib Dems Summer Strategy conference 2013
    Article: Mar 8, 2022

    It's Spring Lib Dem Federal Conference this weekend, running from Friday through to Sunday evening.

    LGBT+ Lib Dems' fringe meeting kicks things off for the weekend on Friday at 17.40.

    It is titled "Why are LGBT+ rights falling backwards, and what can you do?"

    Meeting Outline: Foot dragging on conversion therapy, hostile media environment, disappointing news from the EHRC, and slipping down the international rankings - what is happening to LGBT+ rights in the UK? Hear from a range of experts and learn what YOU can do.

  • Tim Farron LGBT+ SSC 2012
    Article: Feb 3, 2022

    Tim Farron intervened in the debate on the Nationality and Borders Bill to highlight the situation facing LGBT refugees.

    Speaking in a Westminster Hall debate the Lib Dem MP for Westmorland & Lonsdale said:

    The Nationality and Borders Bill is a peculiarly awful piece of legislation, designed to solve problems that do not exist, ignore problems that do, and play to a gallery rather than seek to make a difference. The negative impact that this Bill will have on LGBTQ+ asylum seekers is a prime example of what is wrong with the Bill. LGBTQ+ people will be disproportionately affected by clause 11, which is the Government's choice to differentiate on the basis of method of entry into the United Kingdom. They are much more likely, as we have heard, to be categorised as group 2 refugees, and experience second-class treatment at best…

    The reality is that creating a second tier of refugee, which the Government sometimes refer to as "illegal route"-there is no such thing as an illegal refugee-is in contravention of international agreements on the matter…

    Cameroon, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria and Uganda-these are the most common countries of origin for people claiming asylum on the basis of their sexuality. They are also countries where many individuals are persecuted because of their sexual orientation, but they are not seen as areas of conflict or instability and as such do not warrant inclusion in the UK resettlement scheme. As the hon. Gentleman just mentioned, as a result, those people will be treated as second-class asylum seekers… Those fleeing those countries can therefore come here only by the so-called illegal routes-irregular, informal routes.

    It is important to recognise that even if those people were in a region where they could access the UK resettlement scheme, they may still remain at risk, due to their sexuality, in neighbouring countries that they would pass through on the way to safety, which for other refugees might be places of safety. They would obviously prefer to move on to safety rather than wait in camps in a country that is unsafe for them. Further to that, it is highly likely that LGBTQ+ people will not feel safe coming forward and identifying themselves as a person eligible for resettlement… The Government's choice to penalise further the late production of evidence will disproportionately impact LGBT people. It is therefore wrong.

  • LGBT History timeline from history.plusld.org.uk
    Article: Feb 1, 2022

    February is LGBT+ History Month, marked in the UK each year since 2005.

    The Liberal Democrats and our predecessor parties have an unequalled record on LGBT equality and liberation.

    That goes back more than fifty years, including being the first party to hold a meeting on gay rights (as the language of the time had it) at national party conference, and the first party to back policies for equality. We were the first party to oppose Section 28, and delivered same-sex marriage in the 2010 coalition government.

  • Rainbow shaded Liberal Democrat Bird of Liberty Logo
    Article: Jan 12, 2022

    LGBT+ Lib Dems are pleased to announce our new Executive lineup for 2022.

    Gareth Shelton remains our Chair, with Charley Hastead as Vice Chair.

    Alan Collins Rosell continues as Treasurer, and Tara Copeland is our new Secretary.

    Guy Benson is our Membership officer.

    The ordinary members of the executive are Luke Allan, Edmund Dean, Andy Hinton, Caron Lindsay, Rachel-lee Mackenzie, Katharine Macy and Jennie Rigg.

  • Alex Cole-Hamilton headshot
    Article: Dec 1, 2021

    Alex Cole-Hamilton, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Scotland and MSP for Edinburgh Western, has recorded a video message for World AIDS Day 2021 with the Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland.

    He says: "With all the crisis and problems we face in the world, whether that's the pandemic or the climate emergency, it is easy to forget we are still facing a much longer lasting crisis, and that is in the global HIV / AIDS epidemic.

  • World AIDS Day 1st December ribbon
    Article: Dec 1, 2021

    We have joined with the LGBT+ groups of the Conservative, Labour and Green parties in a joint statement for World AIDS Day.

    LGBT+ political groups statement urging the UK Government to take action to end new cases of HIV by 2030

    This year marks 40 years since the first cases of HIV were reported globally. Since then, thanks to the tireless and tenacious efforts of people affected by HIV, HIV activists, allies, and people living with HIV, huge progress has been made. It has taken us to the point where it is now scientifically possible to end new HIV transmissions in the UK.

  • Layla Moran ()
    Article: Nov 9, 2021

    Lib Dem MP for Oxford West & Abingdon Layla Moran has highlighted a potential loophole in the government proposals to end conversion therapy.

    Speaking to the Oxford Mail, she said: "Teaching people that there's something wrong with them just because of who they love isn't 'therapy'. It's cruel and can be incredibly harmful for the thousands of LGBTQ+ people who have been subjected to it."

  • Wera Hobhouse (Wera Hobhouse)
    Article: Sep 17, 2021

    The Liberal Democrats have called for a total ban of conversion therapy in the UK, with no exemptions for religious practices.

    The party also wants to see a criminal ban on referrals, transportation of minors overseas, and advertising and promotion of any conversion practices as well as a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of conversion therapy.


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