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Latest News

  • York Pride 2012
    Article: Jun 19, 2015

    Liberal Democrats will be marching proudly at York and Portsmouth Prides tomorrow, and holding stalls to promote our support for the Human Rights Act and everything it has done for LGBT+ people.

    To join the Portsmouth Parade, meet us at the Lib Dem office (220 Fratton Road) at 11, leaving at 10 past to start the parade at 11:30.

  • Lynne Featherstone, Sal Brinton, Liz Barker and Judith Jolly with Adrian Trett and Ed Fordham of LGBT+ Lib Dems and Linda Jack
    Article: May 17, 2015

    The Liberal Democrats' President, Baroness Sal Brinton, has released the following statement for the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT):

    "Over the last five years in the UK government, ministers Lynne Featherstone and Jeremy Browne worked through diplomatic channels and in countries abroad to influence recognition of LGBT+ issues. In Government in the UK we led the charge for same sex marriage, and are very proud to see same sex marriages taking place across England and Wales. We know more needs to be done on Trans marriage issues, and will continue to fight for fairness and equality.

  • LGBT+ Lib Dems Six Saints for 2015 Header Image
    Article: May 13, 2015

    After the general election, our Chair wrote this to our members and supporters.

    Dear Friend,

    Just under five years ago, the Liberal Democrats met in Birmingham to discuss a single item of business - that we should go into Coalition with the Conservatives. LGBT+ Lib Dems submitted an amendment, calling on the Parliamentary party to ensure that the rights of LGBT+ people were protected from the Conservatives. Lynne Featherstone made that pledge, and in Government we delivered many good things for LGBT+ people, though not as many as we would have liked.

    The threat to LGBT+ equality is not a Lib Dem / Conservative coalition where David Cameron can safely ignore his LGBT+ phobic right wingers - we saw that with the same-sex marriage law, where the Government had a majority in favour despite roughly half of Tory MPs voting against, and where no Labour votes were required to pass that legislation. The true threat is a narrow Conservative majority where the likes of Peter Bone will demand, and receive, concessions in return for supporting the Government.

    The need for a strong political voice for LGBT+ people has not been greater since the 1980s. The Liberal Democrats have always been that strong political voice, leading where others have followed, driven by principle not focus-grouped expedience and the "pink vote". I am determined we will continue to drive the narrative in UK politics.

    However, with only 8 MPs, the Liberal Democrats' voice will be harder to hear from Parliament and from constituency offices. We can be particularly upset at the loss of our "Six Saints", those Lib Dem MPs whose work for us was above even the high standard set by our party - John Leech, Lynne Featherstone, Stephen Williams, Julian Huppert, Jo Swinson and Stephen Gilbert, and by the lack of diversity in our remaining Parliamentary party.

    It falls to us, the ordinary members of the party, to advance the cause of LGBT+ equality and of the political party which has always been there for us, and always will. Since the close of polls, over 10,000 people have joined the Lib Dems. Each one can play their part. Better that they join late than never.

    Next weekend is one of the first Prides of the season, in Exeter. Many more will follow. Each one is an opportunity for us to talk about our record of action, about what we want to achieve, about how LGBT+ equality is an inherent part of Liberalism. I am calling on you to pledge, right now, that you will work with your local and regional parties, with support from LGBT+ Lib Dems, to ensure a Lib Dem presence at these events as part of our efforts to rebuild the party. Contact us to pledge your support.

    I will do my best as Chair of LGBT+ Lib Dems to work with our membership and party to provide opportunities to promote LGBT+ equality within the party, and the party within the LGBT+ communities. Please do take up these opportunities, and encourage your friends to join LGBT+ Lib Dems and support the work our activists, Vice Presidents, Patron etc. do.

    Dave Page
    Chair, LGBT+ Lib Dems

  • Peter Black conference
    Article: Apr 28, 2015

    This evening, the Welsh Assembly has voted in favour of calls by the Welsh Liberal Democrats to explore the feasibility of establishing a gender identity clinic in Wales.

    Welsh Lib Dem AMs proposed an amendment in the Welsh Assembly to the Welsh Government's Annual Equality Report which called for an independent feasibility study into establishing a clinic. Wales is the only nation of the UK without its own gender identity clinic, forcing trans patients to travel to England to receive treatment.

  • LGBT+ Lib Dems chair Adrian Trett at the Equal Marriage Vigil for the Second Reading in the Lords
    Article: Mar 30, 2015

    Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett, former Chair of LGBT+ Lib Dems and Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Vauxhall, has taken part in a candid interview on Buzzfeed as the UK's first openly HIV-positive Parliamentary candidate.

    In response to the piece Dave Page, the current LGBT+ Lib Dems Chair, said:

    "On Saturday night, celebrating Adrian's wedding to his husband, I felt joy and love at his happiness. The depth of that emotion is matched only by admiration towards him for his brave decision to share his story publically. In the years I have worked with Adrian, I was not aware of every detail he has chosen now to share. The knowledge only enhances the respect I have for the grace, wisdom and dedication with which he has pursued LGBT+ equality.

  • Page: Feb 5, 2015

    38 Liberal Democrat candidates are "out" as being LGBT+, including one trans person (Zoe O'Connell) and these are listed below. If you are a media organisation and would like us to distribute a message to all LGBT candidates, or are a PPC who we have missed off this list, please email info@plusld.org.uk.

  • LGBT+ Lib Dems Winter Strategy Conference 2015
    Article: Jan 22, 2015

    LGBT+ Lib Dems met at party HQ in Westminster last weekend for their annual Winter Strategy Conference. Activists from around the country, including our President, Baroness Liz Barker, assembled to plan objectives for the year, including policy and campaigning. A full report will be sent to members, including information from the recent Members' Survey.

  • Article: Dec 4, 2014
    By Zoe O'Connell

    Chair-Elect Dage PageFollowing an all-member ballot, the new executive committee of LGBT+ Liberal Democrats has been elected with Dave Page taking over the role of chair. The new committee, which takes effect from 1st January 2015 is:

    Chair: Dave Page
    Secretary: Zoe O'Connell
    Treasurer: Paul Trollope
    Executive: Rodney Berman, Sarah Brown, Lee Dargue, Euan Davidson, Stephen Glenn, Don Harrison, Sarah Noble, Jennie Rigg, Richard Macmillan

  • LGBT+ Lib Dem Rainbow Bird in Santa Hat
    Page: Dec 1, 2014

    Every year, LGBT+ Lib Dems takes part in the Lib Dem Christmas Draw, a nationwide event with fantastic prizes which raises vital funds for our work, which helps the Lib Dems continue to deliver on our strong record of support for LGBT+ people.

    As a 2014 Cyber Monday innovation, we are offering the opportunity to purchase tickets online to our members and supporters. Simply click the "Buy Now" link below to order Christmas Draw tickets at £5 per book of five, until Wednesday 3rd December. Thanks in advance for your support!

  • Article: Nov 20, 2014
    By Zoe O'Connell

    20th November 2014 marks the 17th International Transgender Day of Rememberance. This year the names of 226 trans people who have suffered violent deaths appear on the list.

    Lynne Featherstone MP, Liberal Democrat Minsiter in the Home Office, said "Today we remember all transgender people worldwide who have suffered violence and mourn those we have lost. Prejudice and violence against transgender people is utterly unacceptable and we must continue to highlight the problem and work to end it around the world."

Welcome to the website of LGBT+ Lib Dems. We are the Liberal Democrats' party organisation committed to promoting the policies of sexual and gender minorities - including gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people - and to ensuring that the party's policies address their needs.

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